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Yachting Scandinavia is a newly founded co-operation between Yachting Sweden and Yachting Finland, created as your one complete go-to crew agency when looking for Scandinavian crew, in both interior as well as exterior departments. With plenty of experience within the yachting industry as crew ourselves - we know what you are looking for. You need crew you can trust, as well as crew who know what they are getting themselves into when joining this very unique industry. Our goal is to provide excellent team players and skillful crew who are looking to make yachting a career in the long run. 


Yachting Scandinavia is made up of a team of four, and working closely with you we aim to tailor your crew solutions. We work on a small scale, focusing on having a close relationship with our clients, but also with our candidates in order to find the perfect match. 

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The yachting industry is still not very well known of in the Scandinavian countries, and our team is currently working in Sweden and Finland to introduce the yachting industry to the population. In Finland we arrange an introduction course for marine officers and captains with unlimited commercial tickets to be future superyacht deckhands, officers and captains. In Stockholm we introduce experienced workers from the hospitality industry to the stew profession. Our personal contact with our candidates gives us a unique chance to get to know them, which is an incredibly helpful tool when placing them as a crew member. We understand the importance of the right person for the right yacht. 

We are looking forward to assisting you on the way to finding the perfect member to your team. Please do not hesitate to contact one of our team members today, our goal being to offer you an experience focused on what is important to you when hiring crew. 


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Interior department
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Exterior department
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Interior department
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