Anyone is welcome to register on our website, and it is completely free of charge. In accordance with the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) – regulation 1.4 – Recruitment and Placement: Yachting Scandinavia Ltd aims to provide an efficient, adequate and accountable system for all crew candidates (seafarers) to find employment on vessels. 

Yachting Scandinavia will never use means, mechanisms or lists intended to prevent or deter seafarers from gaining employment for which they are qualified (black listing). Yachting Scandinavia will never charge any seafarer directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, any fees or other charges for seafarer(s) recruitment or placement or for providing employment to seafarers.

However, please note:

– The crew member will be responsible for covering the costs of obtaining a national statutory medical certificate, such as ENG1.

– The crew member will be responsible for covering the costs of obtaining the national seafarers hand book (as applicable).

– The crew member will be responsible for covering the costs of obtaining a passport or similar personal travel documents (excluding visa costs).

– The shipowner is responsible for covering the costs of travel visas necessary to join the ship, assured by Yachting Scandinavia.

You find all vacant positions available under Job Board. Please carefully read through what the vessel is looking for in their next crew member and what qualifications, experience and qualifications are needed. You apply under each job ad. After applying to a position, an agent will go through your profile to ensure you have the right qualifications and experience. An interview over the phone will be scheduled and you will find out more about the position. You will be requested to send proof of your training in order for Yachting Scandinavia to ensure you are qualified for the position. 

Your information will then be sent to a superior or representative of the vessel for consideration. If they wish to offer you the position, they will send the contract to Yachting Scandinavia first for a control, whereupon this is forwarded to you. You will be given the opportunity to carefully read through the terms and conditions of the employment offer before signing. If there are any questions regarding your employment offer, please don’t hesitate to ask an agent at Yachting Scandinavia.

Due to some positions beeing filled confidentially, Yachting Scandinavia will not always publish the vacant position on the Job Board. Please check in with an agent to hear more about all our vacancies. 

Please email us at info@yachtingscandinavia.se. At an emergency we are available 24/7 at the phone numbers listed under “contact”.

We will never share or sell your information to a third part, unless it’s a part of a job application where your contact details and CV information is passed on to the yacht – a step you will be informed of taking place.

Yachting Scandinavia is also available to answer any requests for advice and/or information from the family of the seafarers. Such advice and/or information will be provided promptly, sympathetically and at no cost.

However, Yachting Scandinavia, will first attempt to verify the credibility of the relationship prior to divulging private information regarding the seafarer.

Prior to placing crew on commercial yachts Yachting Scandinavia follows the following procedure: 

For commercial yachts over 500gt:

Yachting Scandinavia will obtain a copy of the yacht’s Maritime and Labour Certificate. This document gives us confirmation that the seafarers’ rights under MLC 2006 are met on these yachts.

For commercial yachts under 500gt and for those who do not have a Maritime and Labour Certificate:

We seek written confirmation that the yachts issue a Seafarers Employment Agreement with the particulars as described in the MLC 2006, standards A2.1 and that the two following statement apply: A) The seafarers recruited by us are informed of their rights and duties under their employment agreement, prior to or, in the process of engagement and that proper arrangements are made for seafarers to examine their employment agreement before and after they are signed and for them to receive a copy of that agreement. B) The shipowner has the means to protect the seafarers from being stranded in a foreign port. 

The Maritime Labour Convention, 2006  or MLC, 2006 is an international labour Convention adopted by the International Labour Organization (ILO). It provides international standards for the world’s first genuinely global industry.

Widely known as the “seafarers’ bill of rights,” the MLC, 2006 was adopted by government, employer and workers representatives at a special ILO International Labour Conference in February 2006.

It is unique in that it aims both to achieve decent work for seafarers and to secure economic interests through fair competition for quality ship owners.

The Convention is comprehensive and sets out, in one place, seafarers’ rights to decent working conditions. It covers almost every aspect of their work and life on board including:

  • minimum age
  • seafarers’ employment agreements
  • hours of work or rest
  • payment of wages
  • paid annual leave
  • repatriation at the end of contract
  • onboard medical care
  • the use of licensed private recruitment and placement services
  • accommodation, food and catering
  • health and safety protection and accident prevention and
  • seafarers’ complaint handling


The Convention was designed to be applicable globally, easy to understand, readily updatable and uniformly enforced and will become the “fourth pillar” of the international regulatory regime for quality shipping, complementing the key Conventions of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) dealing with safety and security of ships and protection of the marine environment.